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  • Job conditions
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    Due to the awarding of a new long-term contract, a Recycling company in Ireland is looking to hire 8 x
    C license drivers on a full-time permanent contract.

    Valid C or CE license with at least 1 year of driving experience.
    EU citizenship and a valid license for driving in Ireland.
    Basic knowledge of English is an advantage, but not necessary.

    Driving domestic routes within Ireland on regular routes.
    Maximum 9 to 10 hours per day with no requirement to sleep in the vehicle.
    Operating rear-end loader trucks with automated lifting equipment
    Using cab cab-mounted tablet screen with pre-populated routes and full navigation to every stop
    Working on average 48 hours per week, 5 days per week
    Participating in a full comprehensive Driver training programme

    Net take-home €650 per week with a single-person tax credit
    3% employer pension contribution
    Employer health insurance scheme

    Other benefits:
    Subsidised Driver only accommodation is available.
    Full driver training programme
    Long-term stable work

  • Job conditions
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    Container Trucking Company Seeking Experienced Driver for Exciting Opportunities in Denmark

    Company Overview:
    We are a burgeoning container trucking company, founded in 2023. Our fleet includes 2 modern Volvo FH12 500 trucks, equipped with various container chassis, reflecting our commitment to versatility and quality in service.


    Mainly covering Denmark, with occasional trips to Hamburg and Rotterdam.
    Crew & Schedule:

    Position available for a single driver.
    Typical working hours from 05:00 to 18:00.
    Truck Equipment:

    All trucks are equipped with GPS tracking.
    Integration of tablets for operational efficiency is underway.
    Reporting & Schedule Management:

    Reports are currently handwritten, with a digital solution in development, linked to GPS tracking.
    Schedules are communicated through a specialized work app and by phone.
    Salary & Benefits:

    Attractive weekly salary of €875.
    Benefits include 12.5% holiday payment, 10% pension, and 7% freedom account.
    Accommodation provided in trucks from Monday to Friday.
    Weekend travel options include paid flights to home country or local hotel accommodation in Denmark.
    Transfer costs for weekend travels are covered.

    EU citizenship.
    Experience in container transportation.
    Basic English communication skills.
    Valid CE driving license and tachograph certificate.
    Additional Details:

    Currently seeking to hire one driver.
    No pallet exchange requirements, deductions, or strict driving efficiency norms.
    No internship programs or visa cost coverage.
    Join our team for a fulfilling career with long-term stability and excellent working conditions. Apply today and be a part of our expanding journey!

  • Job conditions
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    Looking for a fulfilling truck driving job in Ireland? Join our family-owned road haulage company established in 1991, with a team of over 200 employees who take pride in delivering fast, reliable, and cost-effective logistics solutions to our customers. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards and we are looking for a skilled and dedicated driver to join our team.

    General information about the vacancy.

    Types of trucks: We operate 140 trucks and 450 trailers, including flat and curtains trailers. Our fleet is comprised of Volvo (70%), Scania (20%), and Renault and Iveco (10%) trucks.

    General routes for freight movement: Our main routes cover transportation between Ireland and the UK.

    Type of crew: Our team consists of one driver per truck.

    Work schedule: We offer a flexible 6/2 schedule.

    Pallet exchange: We do not operate a pallet exchange program.

    Deductions/fuel regulations/driving efficiency norms, etc.: Drivers are responsible for own fault damages.

    Salary: Our competitive salary package starts at €800 per week for new employees and increases to €850 per week after six months and €900 per week after one year of employment.

    Internship: We offer a six-month trial period.

    24h and 45h rest periods: Our drivers can take their rest periods on designated parking lots or in our company base, which is equipped with showers, washing machines, and a TV room.

    Requirements for drivers
    • Citizenship - EU
    • Experience - minimum of 1 year
    • Language skills - proficient in English
    • Certifications - 95code/CPC

    If you are an experienced truck driver looking for a challenging and rewarding job, we want to hear from you. Join our team and become part of our commitment to excellence in logistics. Apply now and take your career to the next level!

  • Job conditions
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    The company founded in 2021. Currently has a fleet of 5 Scania tractor units.

    Across all Europe

    Each truck has a crew of 1 driver

    The drivers work on a schedule of 35 days abroad paid@ €100 daily (Monday to Sunday) followed by 1-week rest paid @ €36.80 daily (Monday to Friday).

    The trucks are all equipped with state-of-the-art GPS and mobile phone.

    No deductions, fuel regulations, or driving efficiency norms apply.

    The salary is calculated as per above. Moreover, the driver is given an extra
    €20 should he is required to help manually load/unload the trailer.

    1 week supervised by a senior driver.

    The company will be responsible to cover the transfer ticket and a carry on bag. Check -in bags are to be paid for by the driver.

    Requirements for Drivers

    A. The company requires EU citizens.
    B. Experience: a minimum of 2 year driving in Eu countries
    C. Fluent spoken (and understanding) of English or Italian is a must. The driver must also to have a basic knowledge of writing in English.
    D. Certificates : As required by EU driving laws.
    E. Additional requirements: Tachograph. NO ADR required.
    F. Number of drivers required : 2

  • Job conditions
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    CE Experience:
    Less than a year

    Latvian Transport company.

    Salary in company 1750 - 2500eur depends on the route and experience

    EU work experience is not required. We accept candidates C category until 09.09.09 (short course 95code).

    Upon arrival, before the start of work, the candidate is 4 weeks in Riga

    -Learning 95th code
    -3/4 days paperwork (contract, licenses, medical commission, etc.)

    After receiving the documents, the driver goes on the first test drive
    (2-3weeks, depending on the candidate. Payment of 50 euros per day for this period)

    After passing the internship - AMAZON line (Central Europe)
    -Trial period 3 months (payment 55 euros per day)
    -Permanent work - 57 euros per day.
    -Night work (twin crew)

    After the internship, it is possible to work in Europe without being tied to Amazon - depends on the route salary up to 2500eur.

    Work schedule 3/1.

    Courses for code 95 cost 50 euros, but you do not need to pay right away - this amount will be deducted from your salary. You will have to pay by yourself at the state of auto direction: 60 euros - medical commission for getting 95 code, 28 euros - 95 code card.
    Hotel from the company - 4 euros per day.

  • Job conditions
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    Work and employment conditions

    80 tent trailers. DAF (>50%), Mercedes-Benz, MAN trucks, mostly Euro 6.

    General routes for freight movement

    Type of crew - 1 or 2 drivers
    1 driver

    Work schedule
    6/3, 8/4, 10/5

    How the trucks are equipped? (gps, tablet, e.t.c)
    Tablet with GPS and comms

    How the driver submits reports? (by tablet/handwritten document)
    By tablet

    How the driver gets the information about his schedule? (tablet/phone)
    By tablet mostly

    Is there a pallet exchange?
    Depending on the client

    Are there any deductions/fuel regulations/driving efficiency norms, etc.?

    Driver with CE license, no EU work experience - from 70€/d.
    Driver with CE license, > 1 year EU experience - from 74€/d. to 90€/d.

    Yes, for 2 weeks. It is paid 700€/month netto.

    24h and 45h are done on parking lots, auto houses, or motels?
    Usually parking lots

    Visa cost coverage
    Driver pays for visa

    Transfer cost coverage
    Driver has to come to Vilnius office by his means

    Requirements for drivers

    1 year of CE category driving experience, no experience in EU needed

    Knowledge of languages

    CE category drivers license, drivers card (tacho card)

    Additional requirements
    Has to know how to use smartphone

  • Job conditions
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    General information about the company:
    The company was founded in 2017, currently in a fleet of 10 new tractors (2021-2023 Scania), refrigerated semi-trailers.

    General cargo routes:
    Europe and Scandinavian countries.

    Type of crew: 1 driver.

    Work schedule: 8/4 weeks, but other options can be agreed upon.

    Is there a pallet exchange? - Yes, we do.

    How is the wage calculated? - 80 euros per day, extra pay for seniority

    Requirements to drivers

    Citizenship - Citizens of the European Union, BY, UA.
    Experience - 1 year of transportation in Europe (European Union).
    Languages - Russian, and English basics would be an advantage.
    Certificates-95 code.

  • Job conditions
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    CE Experience:
    Less than a year

    Lithuanian company is hiring drivers due to park expansion.

    +371 20 152 633 Alexander - available on Viber

    Driver requirements:

    Minimum work experience for category CE – 6 months within the last 1.5 years.
    At least 6 months must pass after obtaining CE category.

    Work experience for category CE – minimum 1 year, with at least 6 months within the last 1.5 years. If worked with category C in the last 5 years, then 6 months of work experience with CE within the last 1.5 years is sufficient.
    In the last 5 years – minimum 3 years of work experience with CE, with at least 6 months within the last 1.5 years.
    In the last 5 years – minimum 3 years of work experience, with at least 6 months with CE within the last 1.5 years in Europe.

    Medical certificate (original) + insurance required.
    ADR gives advantage to salary.


    Test drive is conducted before starting work.


    Internship - 33 euros.

    First trip after internship - 67 euros without ADR; 69 euros with ADR.

    New independent driver with over a year of work experience in the EU – first term 71 euros without ADR; 73 euros with ADR.

    Third independent term, meeting 4 requirements (damage, timely arrival after vacation, worked time, and proper tachograph management) – 77 euros without ADR; 79 euros with ADR.

    Work schedule is 6 weeks on and 3 weeks off.

    The company strictly monitors drivers to adhere to the work and rest schedule. In some countries, 45 hours of rest are provided in hotels. Other rest, "nines", are only at paid parking lots.

    Drivers receive 150 euros advance every week, and if the month ends - 395 euros minimum.

    Payment for trips, subtracting advances and minimums from the total amount, is made within one day.

    Code 95

    Short - 3 days - 90 euros
    Long - 3 days - 250 euros

    Accommodation / Hostel 12 euros per day.

  • +100
    Actual openings
  • +50
    Registered logistics companies
  • +10 years
    Experience in international traffic and recruitment


  • This question is raised by many drivers, our life will not only help you to realize the desire to find a job in Europe a decent salary, but will also provide a solution to all the accompanying problems that may stand in the way of the realization of your goals - trust the professionals and you will get results! Our experience speaks for itself!

  • To obtain work permission, which will be issued through the Ministry of the interior affairs, you must have a passport and 2 photos, as well as the employment contract and the invitation from the transport company. After receiving the contract via email, you can contact the Consulate to obtain a Schengen visa. On arrival, you will need to register and get the work permit in the European Union.

    ! Turnaround time: 2-4 weeks.

  • Novice drivers have an opportunity to improve skills and get additional trainings to their drivers licence. In addition, we offer additional courses and certificates to enhance your professional skills and future career development, including the ADR certificate, which you will receive within 2 weeks.

    ! To carry dangerous goods, you need ADR certificate.

  • A long-distance trucker or a professional driver of a heavy haul truck transports goods between regions and countries.

    The first step is to get the class "E". In order to pass courses for the class "E", you must have a proven track record of driving for a period of not less than one year of any vehicle (class "B" or "C"). You must have an open "C" class, provide a certificate of employment that you have worked as a driver in the past year, or drive your own car or operate it by proxy.

    ! A minimum knowledge of foreign languages will be an additional bonus.

  • Every driver transporting goods and passengers in the EU have to prove hisaptitude (code 95). These requirements apply to all drivers as to the EU citizens and third country nationals.

    ! You'll find out more at the weekly courses.

  • Driver education is divided into the following stages: 

    • Studying of the mechanism of operation of the vehicle,
    • Defining of the system of action in the emergency and critical driving situations
    • Working through the skills of driving all types of vehicles and separate constructive elements of the car,
    • The driver gets the experience of driving in the extreme situations.

    ! Driver's license — the international standard of quality, the guarantee of reliability and security.

  • The work schedule is governed by the rules of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union No. 561/2006 on the harmonization of certain social legislation relating to the road transport and amending Council regulation (EEC) No. 3821/85 and No. 2135/98 and rescinding Regulation (EEC) no 3820/85 (The document applies to the European Economic Area).

    ! In order to get a more detailed information on the regulations of working and rest of the driver, navigate to the next page.

  • The information about the work and rest time is recorded with a digital tachograph and recorded on the electronic map. The tachograph stores the information in the course of the year, while the electronic map stores only the data of the last 28 days.

    9 hours daily (2 times a week for 10 hours) — the maximum time of driving a motor vehicle by one driver.
    56 hours weekly (max 6 daily periods per week) — the maximum time of driving a motor vehicle.
    90 hours - the maximum fortnightly driving time.
    4 hours and 30 minutes — the maximum driving time without a break.
    45 minutes (or 2 times - 15 minutes and 30 minutes) — the minimum break time duration.

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has right to check the work schedule of a driver for the last year that is why the information of the electronic map has to be saved every 28 days.

    Without an interruption - 11 hours (a maximum of 3 cuts in a week up to 9 hours is allowed— the compensation is no longer required).
    With an interruption - 12 hours, divided into at least 3 hours plus at least 9 hours (in that order).
    If a vehicle is on a train or a ship with a sleeper — 11 hours with max 2 interruptions lasting maximum 1 hour each.
    The duration of the daily rest of 2 drivers — 9 hours out of 30 hours.
    The duration of the weekly rest is 45 hours (max 1 reduction to 24 hours during 2 consecutive weeks, with the compensation within 3 weeks after the considered one, with reference to another rest of at least 9 hours is allowed).

    ! The compliance with driving and rest time periods not only affects your performance, but also the safety of others



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