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  • Job conditions
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    Mmodern Lithuanian company with 20 years of experience and a fleet of more than 700 Mercedes / DAF / MAN EURO-6 trucks / automatic vehicles. Machines are equipped with: navigation, tablets.

    Currently, the company is expanding its activities and invites international flight drivers to join our team.

    - Lithuania-Europe-Lithuania. - Within Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, etc.

    - CE experience of at least 1 year
    - Drivers with no experience in Europe-TEACH !!!

    -Mercedes / DAF / MAN class EURO-6, tilt tractors
    -Stable work / training, internship

    CADENCY - 8-14 weeks, rest 3-4 weeks

    - 50 Euro / day FOR TIME, - 60 Euro as from JULY2020.
    - +100 Euro per ADR / Month

    - After a preliminary interview, we draw up visa documents, send an electronic number for the embassy.
    - After obtaining a visa, we plan the arrival of the candidate. All candidates come every Monday of the month.

    - 2 weeks of stay (hotel accommodation at the expense of the employer / meals at his own expense), all documents are issued (code 95, license, bank card, medical certificate, etc.). Training in economic driving, filling out construction and installation works, accompanying documents (THEORY).

    - Candidates WITHOUT European experience (but with driving experience of at least 1 year in other countries of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the CIS), go to study as a second driver (payment of 147 Euro / week). Flight 10-14 days. After returning, confirmation of the instructor by prof. readiness, leaves for a cadence.

    Candidates with European experience go to the cadence, after the 1st week, having passed the course of code 95 and received all the necessary documents.

    As soon as the candidate leaves for the cadence, payment

    There is an English line - there is an English day plus 25 euros per day. There is also a line of transfers - there plus 10 euros per day.

    On the general lines there are no transfers and replacements of pallets.

    100% compliance with the regime of work and rest.

    Base Address: Lithuania, Kaunas

  • Job conditions
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    Direct Employment with an Irish Trucking company, For further information call +371 20 152 633 Alex, Viber

    - CE driving experience
    - EU or NON EU passport holder
    - English speaker

    - 600 gbp per week / net / after tax
    - overtime option

    - 5 days a week
    - 12 weeks on 4 off FOR EU CITIZENS
    - 11 months on 1 off for NON EU CITIZENS

    - non eu citizens shall arrange visa
    - Invitation Letter and Agreement will be provided

    - 100 eur per week
    - we will arrange on

  • Job conditions
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    Polish Logistics is recruiting drivers due to the expansion of the pack. The vacancy is free.

    +371 20 152 633 Alexander, Viber

    - Within Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, etc. Without England

    - CE experience at least 1 year
    - Drivers with no experience in Europe-WE TRAIN !!!

    -Mercedes / DAF / MAN class EURO-6, Tilt and REF tractors
    -Stable work / training, internship
    - Pallet exchange (not on all machines / directions)
    - Single or Double Crew
    - Fuel Rates None

    - 8-14 weeks, rest 3-4 weeks

    - from 1600 to 2000 EURO / M
    - 450 EURO Base + 50 EURO / D
    * first two months are testing

    - for a run from 15k +10 EURO / D

  • Job conditions
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    CE Experience:
    Less than a year

    Direct Employment with a Spanish Trucking company, For further information call +371 20 152 633 Alex, Viber

    The firm was founded in 1847. In 1997 it entered the international level.

    Europe: Portugal, Poland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, in the process of expanding borders.

    Cadence 11 months (vacation 6 weeks), 6 and 6 months (vacation 2 to 4, 3 and 3, 4 and 2 weeks to choose from 1.08 to 15.09 and from 15.12 to 1.02) and 3 months (total vacation 4 weeks, that is , 1 week after each cadence).

    100 euros compensation or we pick it up from Poznanl, Madrid or Cotabria

    MAN TGX 440/460/500 tractor units with factory equipment. High cabins, refrigerator and company uniforms are provided.

    Fuel is filled at the filling stations indicated by the company. Deductions for speeding (severe and very severe violations), excessive deviations from the route, entering unauthorized toll roads

    - 1º month - 1700 €
    - 2º month - 1800 €
    - 3º month - 1900 € + payment of additional mileage (minimum - 11.000 km.) + Efficiency (adequate driving, fuel economy ...)
    - Final around 2200 Euros

    Accrual is carried out on the 10th of the next month

    - 1º month - 1300 € / 1 person (plus mileage from the wheel)
    - 2º month - 1300 € / 1 person (plus mileage from the wheel)
    - 3º month - 1450 € + additional mileage (minimum - 17.000 km) + efficiency (adequate driving, fuel economy ...) (plus mileage from the - ---asd--3-\wheel)

    Accrual is carried out on the 10th of the next month

    No internship. When meeting on the spot with the candidate, a small survey is conducted on the fastening of the trailer. Also, the basic test of driving and parking in reverse is carried out.

    - Availability of documents from one of the EU countries
    - View of Zhitelosvo or EU Passport
    - Driving experience 1 year

  • Job conditions
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    CE Experience:
    Less than a year

    Our company employs professionals - it is important for us
    opinion of each employee.

    For 25 years now we have been holding strong positions in the freight transportation market, drivers are constantly working with us, recruitment is associated with the expansion of the fleet this year.

    - salary 57-60 euros / d (depending on the assessment of Eco drive)
    - double crew 55 euro / d
    - schedule of 6 weeks of work 3 at home (there is a possibility in the direction of increasing cadences)

    - CE experience
    - ADR (suitable from any country)
    - Certificate of good conduct

    - dispatchers speak Russian, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is not required
    - work in Europe + CIS
    - single crew or double
    - work strictly on tahoe
    - tents or refs (refs work with the exchange of pallets)
    - Fleet of Mercedes EURO6

    - First, training on the basis of 3-5 days, an internship of 2-4 weeks is required with an experienced driver from the company to transfer specifics

  • Job conditions
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    The company, founded in 1998, works in all areas of Europe, in a pair of 1000 cars + 50 cars every month

    A PARK
    1000 cars + 50 increase in the fleet every month.
    50% TENTS / 50% REFA
    Euro 5 Euro 6 New Volvo and Mercedes cars

    The driver receives a salary at the end of the cadence after the flight; advances per month of 500-600 euros per month are possible
    in Europe: 60 euros / day - without an English visa
    in Europe: 65 euros / day - with an English visa
    (visa is made by the employer - Nostrada)
    Flights to Sweden: 80 Euro / day
    If the driver teaches a student or colleague + 5 euro / day
    bonus to each continuous cadence + 100 euros

    8 weeks / 3-4 at home, if you want longer, everything is discussed.

    95KU COSTS
    The company pays for hostels, hotels, paid parking lots, paid autophones

    Work experience from 1 year CE.
    ADR - optional
    Honey Help
    certificate of good conduct
    Availability of passport

    Before starting work, a test drive (elementary) is carried out, you need to call in the garage forward and backward.

    The base is located in Lithuania, the city of Šiauliai, the change of drivers takes place on the meringue or in Europe, then the drivers are taken by minibuses

    But only Lithuania-Europe-Lithuania routes (only 50 cars) If they are paired, each driver is paid 9 cents per km

    Cars work all over Europe, almost never drive at night, their dispatcher fleet> 50, the company works with pallet exchanges, the driver must have his own navigator, soon there will be tablets. An office phone is issued, personal calls at your own expense.

    * Financial assistance for obtaining documents is not provided, it is advisable to have with you from 300 euros. After a roaring week of work, you can get an advance of 175 Euro
    Bank card -60 Euro
    Medical card - 20 euros
    KOD95 - short - 45 euros;
    KOD96 - long - 300 euros.
    Hostel - 10 Euro a day

  • Job conditions
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    CE Experience:

    Free vacancy, after submitting an application, we will contact you to provide details.

    -International passport
    -CE category of rights + work experience cat C
    -ADR certificate, transportation of dangerous goods
    -Chip card, driver card
    -Medical certificate + psychotest - Polish | we make out on the site
    -CODE 95 - Polish! | | we make out on the site
    - Work Visa

    - An internship of 700 euros (paired with an already working driver).
    - A candidate with experience in Europe can count on a rate of 1900
    - Cadence from 3 months, vacation 2-6 weeks.

    - LONG COURSE The duration of the course is approx 4 weeks and ends with an exam. The cost of the course is PLN 3200. The price includes: - theoretical lessons - practical lessons - medical and psychological examinations - accommodation for the period of study
    - SHORT COURSE Course duration 5 days. The cost of the course is PLN 950. The price includes: - theoretical lessons - medical and psychological examinations - accommodation for the period of study

  • Job conditions
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    CE Experience:
    More than a year

    ! Weekly round to Prague, CZ

    Routes mostly in CZ, Germany, PL, SK... starting and finishing always in CZ. From Monday to Friday/Saturday or from Tuesday to Saturday/Sunday occasionally

    Salary system consist in which group they belong to:
    -Europe (single crew): [1800-2100EUR] (only CZ)
    - Europe (double crew): [1.800-2350EUR] (only CZ)
    - Russia: [1.900-2.750EUR] (unavailable, temporary team is full)
    *high performance shall be provided to get highest salary (the driver is commited, on time, no dammage etc).
    And the routes, depend also on the group they belong:

    - Europe (double crew): exchanges in France and back to Poland or if not enough volume trips to Spain/Portugal and back to Poland.
    - Russia: trips to Russia/Ukraine. If not enough volume to Russia half of the month trips to Russia, the other half trips to Europe.

    Holiday Plan, settled with annual basis which allows to go back home once per quarter per week and a half.

    Company benefits, good trucks, good working environment, being part of a multinational company with subsidiaries in over 8 countries around the world (UE: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, and Poland –the bigger one-; Russia, Morocco, Mexico…); and which employs world wide over 1.500 people.

    - Some experience (better if they can obtain the code 95 in one week)
    - Better if they can speak any other language than Russianà English, Polish, Spanish are the languages fluently spoken in our Company. In any case we have 2 UK dispatchers in our Polish subsidiary.

  • Job conditions
    Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
    Fleet size:
    Required drivers:
    CE Experience:
    Less than a year

    ! European passport is needed !

    At present we are increasing our amount of trucks from 20 to 30 trucks in the International transport by road in Western Europe. The company started in March-2012

    Trucks: DAF XF/105 Euro-5
    Mainly driving to or from: Germany/France/Holland/Belgium/Austria/Suisse/Italia.

    In NL-6422 Heerlen we have a secured parking and workshop facilities for the trucks and also for the drivers toilets, shower and canteen facilities. Also driver changes due to holidays take place on this spot. Drivers come for pick up truck by own car or we arrange your pick up/deliver at near by airports (such as Köln/Düsseldorf/Lüttich/Brussel/Eindhoven) 

    We only drive normal 13,6 trailers. All trucks have bordcomputer and GPS.

    The driver will receive a contract for 1 year from start which will be continued if both parties are satisfied with it. We will arrange proper registration for Social Insurance and you will receive a A1 work confirmation and S1 confirmation and health insurance card. If you bring a E104 document from your home-country registration will go easier and faster 

    WAGE: € 1.150,00 nett in Month + € 0,10 travel allowance pro driven kilometer. Our present drivers earn nett in month between € 2.200,00 and € 2.600,00 Salaries paid by bank transfer to your account. 25 days paid leave per year 

    You should be able to understand English or German language, If you speak Russian, translator could be used 

    We only drive inside the EU-rules of driving and resting and we expect from our drivers to respect these rules also. No unallowed things like double driver-card, magnets or any other manipulation of the tachograph is allowed !!!

  • +100
    Actual openings
  • +50
    Registered logistics companies
  • +10 years
    Experience in international traffic and recruitment


  • This question is raised by many drivers, our life will not only help you to realize the desire to find a job in Europe a decent salary, but will also provide a solution to all the accompanying problems that may stand in the way of the realization of your goals - trust the professionals and you will get results! Our experience speaks for itself!

  • To obtain work permission, which will be issued through the Ministry of the interior affairs, you must have a passport and 2 photos, as well as the employment contract and the invitation from the transport company. After receiving the contract via email, you can contact the Consulate to obtain a Schengen visa. On arrival, you will need to register and get the work permit in the European Union.

    ! Turnaround time: 2-4 weeks.

  • Novice drivers have an opportunity to improve skills and get additional trainings to their drivers licence. In addition, we offer additional courses and certificates to enhance your professional skills and future career development, including the ADR certificate, which you will receive within 2 weeks.

    ! To carry dangerous goods, you need ADR certificate.

  • A long-distance trucker or a professional driver of a heavy haul truck transports goods between regions and countries.

    The first step is to get the class "E". In order to pass courses for the class "E", you must have a proven track record of driving for a period of not less than one year of any vehicle (class "B" or "C"). You must have an open "C" class, provide a certificate of employment that you have worked as a driver in the past year, or drive your own car or operate it by proxy.

    ! A minimum knowledge of foreign languages will be an additional bonus.

  • Every driver transporting goods and passengers in the EU have to prove hisaptitude (code 95). These requirements apply to all drivers as to the EU citizens and third country nationals.

    ! You'll find out more at the weekly courses.

  • Driver education is divided into the following stages: 

    • Studying of the mechanism of operation of the vehicle,
    • Defining of the system of action in the emergency and critical driving situations
    • Working through the skills of driving all types of vehicles and separate constructive elements of the car,
    • The driver gets the experience of driving in the extreme situations.

    ! Driver's license — the international standard of quality, the guarantee of reliability and security.

  • The work schedule is governed by the rules of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union No. 561/2006 on the harmonization of certain social legislation relating to the road transport and amending Council regulation (EEC) No. 3821/85 and No. 2135/98 and rescinding Regulation (EEC) no 3820/85 (The document applies to the European Economic Area).

    ! In order to get a more detailed information on the regulations of working and rest of the driver, navigate to the next page.

  • The information about the work and rest time is recorded with a digital tachograph and recorded on the electronic map. The tachograph stores the information in the course of the year, while the electronic map stores only the data of the last 28 days.

    9 hours daily (2 times a week for 10 hours) — the maximum time of driving a motor vehicle by one driver.
    56 hours weekly (max 6 daily periods per week) — the maximum time of driving a motor vehicle.
    90 hours - the maximum fortnightly driving time.
    4 hours and 30 minutes — the maximum driving time without a break.
    45 minutes (or 2 times - 15 minutes and 30 minutes) — the minimum break time duration.

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has right to check the work schedule of a driver for the last year that is why the information of the electronic map has to be saved every 28 days.

    Without an interruption - 11 hours (a maximum of 3 cuts in a week up to 9 hours is allowed— the compensation is no longer required).
    With an interruption - 12 hours, divided into at least 3 hours plus at least 9 hours (in that order).
    If a vehicle is on a train or a ship with a sleeper — 11 hours with max 2 interruptions lasting maximum 1 hour each.
    The duration of the daily rest of 2 drivers — 9 hours out of 30 hours.
    The duration of the weekly rest is 45 hours (max 1 reduction to 24 hours during 2 consecutive weeks, with the compensation within 3 weeks after the considered one, with reference to another rest of at least 9 hours is allowed).

    ! The compliance with driving and rest time periods not only affects your performance, but also the safety of others



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