Willem Rompen BV | Маастрихт, Нидерланды (Требуется Пасспорт ЕС)

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Меньше года
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Тент, Рефрижератор
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Центральная Европа, Северная Европа
КОД 95

! European passport and English knowledge is preferred !
At present we are increasing our amount of trucks from 20 to 30 trucks in the International transport by road in Western Europe. The company started in March-2012

Trucks: DAF XF/105 Euro-5
Mainly driving to or from: Germany/France/Holland/Belgium/Austria/Suisse/Italia.
In NL-6422 Heerlen we have a secured parking and workshop facilities for the trucks and also for the drivers toilets, shower and canteen facilities. Also driver changes due to holidays take place on this spot. Drivers come for pick up truck by own car or we arrange your pick up/deliver at near by airports (such as Köln/Düsseldorf/Lüttich/Brussel/Eindhoven) 
We only drive normal 13,6 trailers. All trucks have bordcomputer and GPS.
The driver will receive a contract for 1 year from start which will be continued if both parties are satisfied with it. We will arrange proper registration for Social Insurance and you will receive a A1 work confirmation and S1 confirmation and health insurance card. If you bring a E104 document from your home-country registration will go easier and faster 
WAGE: € 1.150,00 nett in Month + € 0,10 travel allowance pro driven kilometer. Our present drivers earn nett in month between € 2.200,00 and € 2.600,00 Salaries paid by bank transfer to your account. 25 days paid leave per year 
You should be able to understand English or German language, If you speak Russian, translator could be used 
We only drive inside the EU-rules of driving and resting and we expect from our drivers to respect these rules also. No unallowed things like double driver-card, magnets or any other manipulation of the tachograph is allowed !!!

Местоположение офиса/базы: Maastricht, Netherlands