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Job conditions
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EU work permit:
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Drivers with experience in Europe

Requirements: categories C, E (C category received before 2009-09-10); working experience as a driver for 2 years in the last 3 years of work, in Europe at least 1 year; knowledge of the rules of the road in Europe; knowledge of the mode of work and rest of drivers involved in international transport; working experience with a digital tachograph card; independent work with documents; experience of customs procedures, TIR, CMR; without gross offenses (for example: drunk driving rights taken away, smuggling, was the cause of the accident), the ability to fill in CMR, the ability to use navigation, experience with cars of class EURO 5 / EURO 6; minor repair skills; high self-discipline; without bad habbits.


· Lights Lithuania-Europe-Lithuania payment for 1 km 11–12 eurocents (work for 1 driver)

· Lights Lithuania-Europe-Lithuania payment for 1 km 7.8-8.1 eurocents (work for 2 drivers)

· Cadenzas - work only in Europe for 6-8 weeks - 60 euro / day (probation period for the first 3 months), then 65 euro / day. If the driver has ADR, +5 euro / day

Documents for employment (quality copies):

· Zagran. passport;

· Driver's license;

· ADR certificate;

· Current medical certificate;

· Employment record, in which it is clear that over the past 2 years - 1 year of experience as a driver or such a certificate from employers; when you arrive at work you need an original.

· Digital tachograph card.

· 95 code, issued in a European country (can be done in Lithuania: if the C category is received before 2009-09-10, 95 code costs 100 euro; if the C category is received after 2009-09-10, 95 code costs 300 euros - for 95 driver code pays immediately.

· Certificate of presence (absence) of criminal record

· Filled candidate’s application form, recommendations.

· Photo - needed on arrival at work

Employment costs are 180 euros + costs for 95 code. The cost of employment driver covers from the first salary.