Truck drivers Vacancies in Europe

Latvia, Riga (International Logistics) Western and Northern Europe for Amazon - Any Nationality

Job conditions
Fleet size:
Required drivers:
Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
CE Experience:
Less than a year

Latvian Transport company.

Salary in company 1750 - 2500eur depends on the route and experience

EU work experience is not required. We accept candidates C category until 09.09.09 (short course 95code).

Upon arrival, before the start of work, the candidate is 4 weeks in Riga

-Learning 95th code
-3/4 days paperwork (contract, licenses, medical commission, etc.)

After receiving the documents, the driver goes on the first test drive
(2-3weeks, depending on the candidate. Payment of 50 euros per day for this period)

After passing the internship - AMAZON line (Central Europe)
-Trial period 3 months (payment 55 euros per day)
-Permanent work - 57 euros per day.
-Night work (twin crew)

After the internship, it is possible to work in Europe without being tied to Amazon - depends on the route salary up to 2500eur.

Work schedule 3/1.

Courses for code 95 cost 50 euros, but you do not need to pay right away - this amount will be deducted from your salary. You will have to pay by yourself at the state of auto direction: 60 euros - medical commission for getting 95 code, 28 euros - 95 code card.
Hotel from the company - 4 euros per day.