Marcotran | Katowice, Poland - only Czech Republic residents

Job conditions
Fleet size:
Required drivers:
Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
CE Experience:
More than a year

! Weekly round to Prague, CZ

Routes mostly in CZ, Germany, PL, SK... starting and finishing always in CZ. From Monday to Friday/Saturday or from Tuesday to Saturday/Sunday occasionally

Salary system consist in which group they belong to:
-Europe (single crew): [1800-2100EUR] (only CZ)
- Europe (double crew): [1.800-2350EUR] (only CZ)
- Russia: [1.900-2.750EUR] (unavailable, temporary team is full)
*high performance shall be provided to get highest salary (the driver is commited, on time, no dammage etc).
And the routes, depend also on the group they belong:

- Europe (double crew): exchanges in France and back to Poland or if not enough volume trips to Spain/Portugal and back to Poland.
- Russia: trips to Russia/Ukraine. If not enough volume to Russia half of the month trips to Russia, the other half trips to Europe.

Holiday Plan, settled with annual basis which allows to go back home once per quarter per week and a half.

Company benefits, good trucks, good working environment, being part of a multinational company with subsidiaries in over 8 countries around the world (UE: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, and Poland –the bigger one-; Russia, Morocco, Mexico…); and which employs world wide over 1.500 people.

- Some experience (better if they can obtain the code 95 in one week)
- Better if they can speak any other language than Russianà English, Polish, Spanish are the languages fluently spoken in our Company. In any case we have 2 UK dispatchers in our Polish subsidiary.