Hegelmann, Poznan PL brach office

Job conditions

Salary: 2200.00€ per month
Work form: Fixed schedule
Working schedule, weeks: to be negotiated
Tractor: Euro-6
Trailer: Tautliner, Refrigerator
Location office or base: Poland, Poznan
Your fleet, number of trucks: 1000


Driving license: CE
Experience: None
Certificates: ADR, CODE 95, EU Work permit
Foreign language skills: Russian


We are willing to offer traineeship to a candidate who is having no or little working experience. The candidate has to beer ADR and KOD95 expenses, though we help to arrange them at no huss.

The start salary of 700 eur will be offer, when traineeship is completed you can expect to have 1900 per month, this will grow to 2200 if good performance.

Apply below or call for more information.