UAB Hanzatransa - x2 drivers are wanted - central europe trade

Job conditions

Salary: 1950.00€ per month
Work form: Fixed schedule
Drivers in crew: 1
Working schedule, weeks: to be negotiated
Tractor: Euro-6
Trailer: Tautliner


How many drivers are needed: 2
Driving license: CE
Experience: Less than a year
Certificates: EU Work permit
Foreign language skills: Russian


База: Kaunas, Litva
Автопарк: 2 машины, DAF 2014, 2017
Тип полиприцепа: Тент
Экипаж: 1 водитель
География работы: D-Beneliux-FR
График работы: 4-2; 6-3
Кол-во требуемых водителей: 2 водителя
Оплата: 65 evro+ 10евро за вторую погрузку