Work for Hegelmann in Poznan

For the needs of the employment contract and job offer, please fill out this form in full as soon as possible.

The questionnaire can be filled even from a mobile phone, it will take a couple of minutes.

! We begin processing immediately after receiving the questionnaire and copies of documents. If suddenly your plans change during registration, please let us know by phone or e-mail:

+371 24 976 892 (Viber)

Terms of employment

* An internship of 700 euros (required for all, lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. It is paired with an already working driver, implies training to correctly fill out documents and submit reports). Working scheulde of 3 months on 1 month off.

The first month and the subsequent independent work - 1900 euros

In the rare case, you can reduce internships to a minimum by demonstrating experience and knowledge of the place in the office.

** Salary in the year perspective grows to 2,200 euros

Required Documents

  • International passport
  • CE category of rights
  • ADR, transportation of dangerous goods
  • Chip Card, driver card
  • CODE 95 - Polish, we would halp to arrange one


1000 MAN + MERCEDES EUR 6 tractor units
Semi-trailers: TENT + REF + CARRIAGES + TANKS
20 offices throughout Europe, founded in 1998
Company Overview:

Driver feedback:

Expenses, deadlines, start of work

ADR - the certificate is required in the required order, you can issue in any country!
Code 95 - costs for registrations in Poland

! You can organize the course yourself, for a guide, approximate costs.

Short - 5 days, cost of the course + doctor + psycho-tests + accommodation + meals = approximately up to 500 euros - if C's rights are received until 2009
Long - 4 weeks, the cost of 500 euros + accommodation + doctor + psycho-tests + food = 1000-1200 euros - If rights C are received after 2009

! Prices are approximate, you decide where and how to go. The employer will help you enroll in a course and organize housing, employment in obtaining a certificate is guaranteed.

Terms and paperwork

I have a european visa
filling out forms and providing copies of documents | Candidate, 1 day
CODE CODE 95 | Candidate, 1-4 weeks
signing a contract, opening a work visa
Beginning of work

I don't have EU visa
filling out forms and providing copies of documents | Candidate, 1 day
registration of work invitation, visa | Hegelman, 10 days
sending invitations by mail | Hegelman, 5 days
applying for a work visa | Candidate, 5-10 days
CODE CODE 95 | Candidate, 1-4 weeks
signing a contract
Beginning of work

Application form
Complete the form and get truck drivers vacancies.
Driving license *
Trailer *
Experience in international traffic
Your job experience
Foreign language skills

Documents can be photographed directly from the phone, putting them on a piece of A4 paper.

When working on a computer: to attach several files to one field, select the first file with a mouse click, then hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, and then select the second and / or subsequent files with a mouse click.