Kaunas LT | truck takeover

Job conditions
Fleet size:
Required drivers:
Average monthly salary (netto), € *:
CE Experience:
More than a year

Mmodern Lithuanian company with 20 years of experience and a fleet of more than 700 Mercedes / DAF / MAN EURO-6 trucks / automatic vehicles. Machines are equipped with: navigation, tablets.

Currently, the company is expanding its activities and invites international flight drivers to join our team.

- Lithuania-Europe-Lithuania. - Within Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, etc.

- CE experience of at least 1 year
- Drivers with no experience in Europe-TEACH !!!

-Mercedes / DAF / MAN class EURO-6, tilt tractors
-Stable work / training, internship

CADENCY - 8-14 weeks, rest 3-4 weeks

- 50 Euro / day FOR TIME, - 60 Euro as from JULY2020.
- +100 Euro per ADR / Month

- After a preliminary interview, we draw up visa documents, send an electronic number for the embassy.
- After obtaining a visa, we plan the arrival of the candidate. All candidates come every Monday of the month.

- 2 weeks of stay (hotel accommodation at the expense of the employer / meals at his own expense), all documents are issued (code 95, license, bank card, medical certificate, etc.). Training in economic driving, filling out construction and installation works, accompanying documents (THEORY).

- Candidates WITHOUT European experience (but with driving experience of at least 1 year in other countries of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the CIS), go to study as a second driver (payment of 147 Euro / week). Flight 10-14 days. After returning, confirmation of the instructor by prof. readiness, leaves for a cadence.

Candidates with European experience go to the cadence, after the 1st week, having passed the course of code 95 and received all the necessary documents.

As soon as the candidate leaves for the cadence, payment

There is an English line - there is an English day plus 25 euros per day. There is also a line of transfers - there plus 10 euros per day.

On the general lines there are no transfers and replacements of pallets.

100% compliance with the regime of work and rest.

Base Address: Lithuania, Kaunas