Data protection policy

The Data Protection policy applies to the company’s commitment to proceed information of its customers with the care and confidentiality.

This policy ensure that the company behaves in a fair manner concerning storing and proceeding of digital information and data. This process will be carried out with transparency and respect towards the rights of our visitors.


This policy applies to visitor who provide any amount of information to the company and is followed by the employees of the company who may need to access the data.


The company may obtain and use information of visitors that will serve its business purposes. The information may refer to a person identifiable such as names, addresses, usernames, passwords, mobile phone number and employment history, etc.

The company commits to collect this information in a fair and accurate way, once this information is available to the company, the following points are to be followed:

  • The data will be collected fairly and for lawful purposes only
  • The data will be processed by the company within its legal and moral principles
  • The data will be accurate and kept up-to-date
  • The data may be distributed to those third party agencies incl recruitment, staffing, turck owners, logistics companies etc, who proved to be reliable and certified in processing the data
  • The data will not be transferred to organizations, states or countries that do not have adequate data protection policies
  • The data will not be communicated informally
  • The data will be protected against any unauthorized or illegal access by internal or external parties